Basement Waterproofing

At Top Level Ohio, we understand the importance of a dry and secure basement. Our basement waterproofing solutions offer peace of mind by keeping moisture at bay and protecting your property investment.

If you have a damp, wet basement or a Small Crack in the foundation wall that is leaking, we have an efficient, affordable, and smart Solution for you.

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Basement foundation walls are usually exposed to different surrounding Soil Pressure, especially when there is a clog in the foundation drainage system.

Effective Waterproofing Solutions for Your Basement in Columbus

This Pressure will sometimes cause cracks in the wall which eventually will get worse if it’s not fixed right away.


  • We first seal the outside wall with foam through injection with a long Stainless-steel Pipe.
  • Second, we go inside to seal the crack with foam injection and epoxy.
Basement Waterproofing

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This method is good because it provides good money-saving because there is no need to excavate from outside or dig a channel inside the basement which leads the penetrated water into a sump pump.

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    TERRA-LOK rehabilitates your foundation by filling cracks, voids, and permeating and binding the loose soil. The single component, polyurethane TERRA-LOK 24-120 will eliminate soil erosion and will keep the water away from your basement walls.



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