Sidewalk/Walkway Leveling

Repair sunken concrete sidewalk

Sunken and uneven sidewalks and walkways are common problems around our houses. Technology have found a great solution to those problems thought the use of polyurethane foam. The method is consists of drilling 3/8″ holes and injecting the foam at high pressure which causes the slab to raise until it is even with adjacent one. The process is fast, efficient and guaranteed for years. There is no need to remove or change your old dropped slab. Prevents falls and injuries with our cost-effective repair solution instead of replacing the whole concrete!

Say goodbye to uneven and hazardous sidewalks with Top Level Ohio’s professional sidewalk leveling services. We understand the importance of safe and accessible walkways for your property. Whether it’s residential or commercial, our concrete sidewalk leveling experts in Columbus, OH, have the skills and equipment to tackle any project with precision. Concerned about sidewalk leveling cost? Rest assured, we offer transparent pricing and efficient solutions to fit your budget. Don’t let sunken sidewalks detract from your property’s curb appeal. Trust Top Level Ohio for reliable sidewalk leveling and repair services that exceed your expectations.

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Mary Atkinson

Mary Atkinson


Great service!

My cracked and sunken patio slab and stones are now exactly where they should be! Great price, punctual, perfect job, and no mess left afterwards. I had been putting off repairing my patio slab for years because I was afraid it would cost a fortune and might not turn out well.

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