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Polyurethane Leveling is the latest and most effective method in most concrete works. The reason why it’s been used very commonly recently is because of its lifetime support! Yes, that’s right! The foam density is almost impossible to break, which makes it advantageous than the regular cement and mud fillings.

One of the biggest fears is that if it washes away again? So to assure, the polyurethane material is waterproof so it will not wash away with water.

The poly level material does not react with the soil and does not release any harmful chemicals, so it is quite environment friendly.

You can ask the contractors to lift the concrete how much you want it, and they can adjust the level of foam in it

After the polyurethane is injected, it takes most of 15 minutes to settle, and it is ready for you to use, unlike the mud jacking one, which can take a day or two.


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