Steps & Porches Leveling

Sunken concrete steps is a common problem with a simple solution. Don’t waste your money by replacing it, just lift it. With the new technology of polyurethane foam injection, fixing your dropped steps never been more affordable. With our LIFETIME warranty you’ll always have a safe, stable and even steps.



    Serving Columbus and nearby areas

    Steps are one of the most essential part of entering and exiting your house. Everyday, family, neighbors and visiting friends are going up and down on them. Eliminate any trip-hazard falls that could be posed with uneven and sunken steps. Our process takes only couple of hours and you could step go up and down on the steps right after the job is completed.


    After researching concrete companies to fix several concrete issues, I came across Top Level and got a quote. It was by far hundreds of dollars less than replacing the concrete slabs. Of course, the concrete companies said that was the only solution. The owner of Top Level and his partners were on time and quickly remedied all of our uneven and cracked concrete. Huge sigh of relief and appreciation for Top Level. I would highly recommend!

    Our Process

    We drill 3/8″ holes, almost the size of a penny and we inject polyurethane foam under the stairs. A lift will occur due to the expansion of foam causing the stairs to go back to their original position. We then patch the holes with special sand and small stones to blend it with the concrete.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    This is the most cost effective long term solution to your sunken steps. The cost would depend on length of the drop, but you will be surprised on how significantly it’s to fix the steps rather than replacing them


    Why TopLevel?

    Our engineering team will analysis and give best solutions to your dropped steps. We also offers a lifetime warranty on the foam, and match price competitors. We’re a local family business that’s based in Columbus and are ready to serve you.

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