Driveway Leveling

Uneven and cracked driveway slabs can reduce the value of your house when you are ready to sell it. It’s the first detail that people will notice when coming to visit you! Not to mention that extremely uneven surfaces can cause trip hazards to any passersby. Whether it’s cracked or uneven driveway concrete, TopLevel will provide you with the most affordable prices and will complete the work in timely manner. The foam takes density in 15 minutes, so the means you can drive on it right after.


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Polylevel foam system will fill the voids under the slabs of the driveway. And it's so simple to regulate because of it's stabilization feature.



Top Level will make sure you're driveway is spotless. Even better, we can take it to the next level. Ask our contractor about our custom fillings.

The main reason for the sunken concrete in your driveway is the soil below it. Here in Ohio, the clay begins to expand as it absorbs as water from the rain or snow. The soil then begins to shrink as it dries out, and it can no longer hold the weight of the heavy concrete on top of it, causing your slabs to drop. We use Polyurethane foam in the process, which is entirely waterproof and will never wash out. We also offer a LIFETIME  warranty so you won’t worry about your driveway sinking.


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    Mary Atkinson

    Mary Atkinson


    Great service!

    My cracked and sunken patio slab and stones are now exactly where they should be! Great price, punctual, perfect job, and no mess left afterwards. I had been putting off repairing my patio slab for years because I was afraid it would cost a fortune and might not turn out well.

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