Typical, Smart Solution to Fix Settled Concrete

Experience the perfect blend of innovation and efficiency with our typical, smart solution to fix settled concrete. As we stated in our previous articles about the causes of concrete
settlements and the voids build up underneath.

In this article, we will explain why foam injection is the best
the solution to bring concrete back to its original level.

Choose our smart solution to fix settled concrete.
Unfortunately, my customers will think immediately of replacing
settled concrete which is high in cost and the broken removed
concrete is not environment friendly and will obstruct access to
garage for days.
At almost ΒΌ of the cost foam injection can solve the problem in
1/10 of the time, for example ( a standard single-family house
driveway costs about 15000$ while the foam injection costs about
at the same time, if we want to replace only the dropped slab it
will cost about 4500$ and it will look off because new concrete vs
old concrete.
When foam is injected, it spreads in 3 dimensions to fill all the
voids and the pushes. The concrete is up to its original level as per
the sketch below:

Foam vs Mud Jacking

Foam weights about 2 Β½ lbs./ cab feet.
While mud (liquid concrete weighs about 150 lb./ cubic foot.
If we are solving the problem of the settled void the more weight
(mud) the more it will settle, (mud) will dissolve with time
and push the soil underneath down more.
The foam is very strong and very lightweight. Polyurethane foam provides
the compression strength of about 100 psi.

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