Foundation Repair

Warning Signs of Foundation Problems

The most expensive purchase you’ll ever make is your house. That’s why it pays to protect it. If you believe that something about your foundation isn’t safe then here are the signs that can help you identify the common foundation problems in housing across the United States. 

Foundation Cracks and Floor Cracks

If you notice any foundation cracks or floor cracks around the house or on the brick exterior of your house, it could most definitely indicate that you have at least one sign of a foundation problem.

Foundation Gaps

If you notice any wall gaps around your house, as well as gaps on the floor around the house. They may even become aware that ceilings no longer latch. This is a sign of a problem that could be affecting the foundation.  

Foundation Settling Or Sinking

You may find over time that one side of your house is lower than the other, or you may observe that your building’s core is sinking. If so, your foundation needs to be lifted. 

If your house appears to be sinking or having settlement issues, we’re there to help. 

 Foundation Upheaval

If a slab base has moved in an upward direction, then foundation upheaval occurred. This is one of the issues that may suggest that the reverse of “foundation settling” is faced by your structure. Generally, heaving affects the perimeter area of a concrete slab floor, but it can affect the interior of your house such as doorways and hallways. 

If you find out that your foundation needs to be fixed, our job is to restore it as close to its original level position as possible and make it upright again using a polyurethane. Our process is smart, efficient, and could be done in a timely manner.  

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