Trip hazard repair: Let us fix your trip hazard before someone falls and get hurt

-Every time a guest is visiting, we have to worry and come out to wave and warn them to be careful!!!!!
It is a common behavior by almost all households who have a trip hazard situation outside their homes. (Unleveled concrete walkway or sunken concrete step).

-It could be a tree root or a loose gutter and leader that flooded the soil and caused it to seep.

Trip hazard repair

-During the course of our Top level business, we have heard many sad testimonies and stories of loved ones falling and getting injured badly.

-For every household, fixing trip hazards, uneven concrete surfaced, or sunken step is a very important safety responsibility.
Thanks to technology it is easy now.

-At Top Level, we have got a fast, efficient, affordable solution for the above problems.
-We drill very small holes, and inject fiam which, as it interacts underneath, pushes the settled surface and makes it even with the rest.
It is environmentally friendly and customers can use it right away.

-The ADA ( American Disability Act) did identify the trip hazard issues.
⁃ A difference of more than 1/4” between two surfaces is a considered-trip hazard and should be addressed.
⁃ Outside steps should be 7 1/2”
⁃ Anything exceeding 8” could be a trip hazard.
⁃ Avoiding or postponing the trip hazard repair is a risky unsafe wait, because some incidents may accrue at any time we come and leave our houses which may cause devastating and unbearable injuries, especially for older ones.
⁃ As the owner of Top Level company, and with my architectural background and inspection experience, I do appreciate greatly the safety codes we have to follow in building our residential and commercial buildings.
⁃ These codes are very strict and detailed when it comes to steps height and unleveled surfaces,
⁃ Unfortunately, during the pandemic, and the hot home sales market. People sold their houses (As is ) without even a careful inspection which many times shed the light on the trip hazard situations.
⁃ We care a lot about the inside of our house and yet ignore the outside safety walkways and driveways that lead to the inside.
⁃ Personally, every time I finish, and besides the business aspect, I feel very content and relaxed that at least this house because a safe place to live in, and no more trip hazards situations which may cause injury and pain.
⁃ In my faith, removing or trip hazard repair situation is considered a good deed.

Ammar krayem
Owner/ manager
Top level

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